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The Outside Inn
April 26, 2010, 12:42 pm
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I can still see this on my blackboard at home – well it actually said Outside In it.

Having left my husband and sister in law at home with  instructions to  think of a name for our Dome experience I  got home  to find a list as  long as my arm of their thoughts – some were dreadful  I have to say  eg.. ‘outer web’,  ‘free times’ –   so I sat on the internet and  googled  ‘fresh’, ‘outside’ and ‘outdoor’ and spent a valuable hour of  my life  looking at cached items about teeth, youth festivals and milk.

As I went to rub off Outside In it – thankfully the it was the first thing  that went – I added another n and looked and looked – was this good,  naff, or genius.. you can decide!

The experience team and I went to Bristol on Weds to meet the  designers again – I had hoped that they had come up with an amazing strap line that would blow us away – but it was tricky they said, not easy – I kept quiet and then quieter still.. my idea is not good enough .. James finally turned to me and said what about the idea you had last week.. prefaced by a lot of bumbling and mumbling and redness I said it aloud.. and then we were off with the ideas as to how we could develop activities, signage, themes etc.. splendid!

I have decided that this job is a bit like organising a wedding – on the face of it (usually the husbands) it is a simple task of arranging a few things for  a one day event – anyone who has actually done it knows the fantastical amount of detail required  – down to choosing colour schemes and who sits next to who, flowers, guest lists,  the list is endless … this job is a similar but with other bits to think about – like making plans for extreme weather (either way rain or shine) public liabilities and contracts and choosing the staff..I fear I am turning into a festivalzilla.  Watch this space for diva tantrums.

I watched a programme on Malcolm McClaren last night and one thing he said really struck home – particularly as I have been anxious about the success or other wise of this event – he basically said – you have to not be afraid to take risks to be successful.. some will fail but it is the only way to move things forward – he also said a lot of other things about it better to be a stylish failure than to play it safe.  I shall take this  on board with my outfits for the Festival – someone has suggested I dress as John Lennon – I think not!  Double denim and poss fringing may be the way forward!


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Loving the name you’ve picked for the event space. good job. Lots of support for the project on NT facebook pages to

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