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Friday Tor Climbing (with hat)
May 10, 2010, 1:32 pm
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Last week was all about new challenges for me – meeting a member of the Senior Management Team at Lacock one day, dealing with issues arising from our local press release another – all quite thrillingly scary but I have to say quite extraordinarily exhausting. 

 The week ended with me typing my daily diary in a car that wreaked of fish and chips (Glastonbury does have a fantastic chippy) at 6.30 pm before I trekked up  the windy cold dark tor to test some of the new LED equipment hot off the press that we may be using.

Richard and Rob arrived and opened the boot to an aladdins cave of techy geek kit.  Sadly this all had to be carried uphill to begin with – thank god they only use a small generator


We were met at the top by a number of bemused and interested visitors – I was amazed at the number of people who went up the tor to the tower during the evening – some just to dance, some to drink, lie down some even to hula hoop. The atmosphere at the top is always calm and chilled out despite the ridiculous wind. One of the lighting chaps wore just a t shirt – he must be in part non human.  Have I said it was freezing?

We had organised for a photographer to come and take some pics for posterity.  He sent some other previously taken photos of the tor from the Pyramid stage see below – this gives a good idea of how far one is from the other.

Rob Tony and I travelled to Worthy Farm to see if we could pick up the lighting from the 6 mile distance.  Via mobile phones instructions were given to try the red, try the orange,  up a bit down a bit.  Squinting through binoculars you could make out the differing colours but from a distance it all just looked variations on sameness.  As we can’t see the Tor from our Dome thanks to new tree foliage I am looking at aternative options and solutions.  It would seem a shame to have a huge bright light bleaching out the tor just so that some people might see it from the Festival when we could achieve something more interesting for the Glastonbury local area?

Whilst we were at the farm a Fire engine arrived at the Tor to investigate claims that it was on fire.. I shall say no more on this.

I left at 10.30 on my knees with tiredness – it had been a long week.  Tony and Rob and the others didn’t leave until just before midnight – having to trek backwards and forwards to get all the kit back down again.  Whilst I was having a desperate nap at Sedgemoor service station theywere lugging extension leads and lights and packing them all away again.

Roll on next week


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