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Calm before the storm
May 19, 2010, 1:52 pm
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This week is definitely the calm before the storm.. Today I have sorted out my  project files, introduced an on site section, ordered a first aid kit, a dust pan and brush set and begun my long list of essential things to take to site.

Spending 10 days camping is generally not my idea of a good time. As a family we have had horrendous luck over the last few years.  We have had to carry children screaming through torrential rain- we have had a river flowing through our tent. The weather was so bad last time we were trying to put our tent up that we gave up and ended up having to lie down to get in and out of  it instead of sashaying through the zipped 6ft high entrance.

Our last (hopefully ever) trip away camping we (I) even managed to forget our waterproofs and wellies  –  which was absolutely rubbish as it rained from the moment we crossed into Wales until the moment we left.  I remember leaning forward into the onshore wind being battered by the sand storm trying to convince the kids that if we went further we might be able to actually see the sea – we did –  crouched with towels over our heads to avoid the stinging relentless grit from getting into our eyes.  Sigh.

So the thought of once again climbing into a thin nylon space (too hot in the sun, too cold when it rains and noisy when its windy) is not appealing.  I know many of you are thinking  – oh but camping is fantastic, it’s so free etc etc  it may be and you’re probably right – I am just not convinced. 

Last trip as my husband lurched across the camp site on yet another ‘I need a wee trip’ he spotted a single chap who was sipping a glass of wine and reading a book  – a peaceful moment- that,  he said,  when he got back,  is the only way I’m going camping ever again.  And  as we wrestled in the wind and rain to take the damned enormous blooming tent down whilst arguing ferociously I had to agree he was right.

So will I be the relaxed singleton sipping a glass of tequila, smiling beatifically whilst reading a copy of Ola? (each to their own) or will I be sat miserably in the Samaritans tent weeping on a sympathetic shoulder.  At this moment in time it could go either way – maybe I should have given this some thought before I applied for the job!  Bit late now. 

Any way my essentials list to pack so far includes ear plugs , an eye mask some bin liners, a double air bed, king size duvet and three pillows,  a cafetière oh and a pen knife for those all important pen knife moments on site.  Am living the dream.  Only its probably someone else’s.


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