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Moira Stuart introduces
May 26, 2010, 11:51 am
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This week we have mostly been choosing our volunteers for the festival.  We had 35 applicants and 18 were invited to a team building activity day in Bristol last Saturday.  It was absolutely roasting outside and Bristol was colourful and vibrant as ever.  One by one the potential volunteers arrived at the Pervasive Media Studios at the Leadworks.

The first ice breaker was a question to be answered on a strip of cardboard and then chosen from a gold C3PO mask (I want one).

The question was ‘who would you want to play you in a film made about your life and why?’ We had three minutes. 

 After the initial panicking that goes with this sort of situation I calmly wrote down Moira Stuart mainly because I can be a bit stern whilst I am focussed on doing time  limited or technically detailed work but that outside of that, like Moira, I like to have a right old laugh.

It was a fascinating ploy as it got each member to talk about themselves without the usual ‘hi my name is..’

So the 18 were whittled down to 11.  A difficult job as every one who had made it to the day had bags of experience.  It came down in the end to who had the most experience and who communicated that best to us on the day.

So may I introduce my many talented volunteers – Audrey Hepburn – she is just the bees knees, Kevin Spacey – I look a bit like him, Russell Howard – has long legs and is funny, Owen Wilson  – top bloke, Judy Garland – pick me Dorothy and has a cat named Toto, James Morrison – again startling similarities facially, Paul the bloke from Crocodile Dundee – he doesn’t like wearing shoes either, Meg Ryan – that one was obvious!, Alyson Hannigan (not in American Pie), Keira Knightley – adorable and Kate Winslett – someone once told me I looked a bit like her! 

Our designers were Allanah Morrisette- not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, and John Cleese – much more like her character than bloomin Helena Bonham Carter!

So that s the team – we tried to put them off with talk of drunks and mud and toilets but still they want to come!


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