National Trust does Glastonbury

a week and a bit
June 14, 2010, 8:01 pm
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a week and a bit and I’ll be on site.. I haven’t had time to buy tiny bottles for my shampoo, clean my wellies,or contemplate my capsule wardrobe and am panicking slightly. This week  I have mostly been visiting the studio in Bristol, sorting out the passes that arrived via a week on someones desk at Eastleigh, designing T Shirts with the fab new design from our artist friend PB and generally being a bit irritable with my snail pace computer.

I also nearly had kittens when I realised I had forgotten to raise the cq for the insurance of the domes while we are on site and have been relentlessly driving the tor lighting to be signed off in some significant fashion or other.

The stamp for the viral element of our experience arrived on Tuesday and  I duly stamped everything I could apart from my face in case it was permanent ink – tomorrow I am going ink hunting to find the perfect medium.  Am hoping to source non-toxic glow in the dark stuff – I love this job!

So its been raining for a few days now just to get us in the spirit of things  – or is it just getting this weather system out-of-the-way so that the festival will be dusty dry?

Oh but I have bought a tent – a 3 man domed beauty from Millets (Khaki) am thinking bunting, fairy lights (solar) an enormous flag so I don’t get lost in the dark, sheepskins (yes I do remember I have to walk from the car park) –  I think I have overdosed somewhat on the ‘glamping’ articles in the weekend papers – thankfully have no time to order a pair of Balmain leather shorts – they are so going to be the thing this year apparently.

Am slightly crazed at the moment with it all – self obsessed and quite horrid to work with – if it doesn’t say Glastonbury on it I can’t quite focus properly – life is going to be very strange when its all over.. maybe that’s why people go on honeymoon after organising stressful weddings?  Do you think if I put out a festival present list some visitors may put some money in for a long weekend in Antigua for me and a few close friends (11 to be precise).

inside the domes


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